FlightSim Utils

I wanted to fly.

FlightSim Utils is an utility app for every simulation pilot out there.

FlightSim Utils was born because I needed a helper app, while learning to use FSX and X-Plane. Then I've decided to make it presentable so other people could use it.

Current features supported:
- Complete database of FSX/P3D/X-Plane key bindings (user editable)
- An assorted collection of aircraft checklists
- Live METAR weather data
- Displaying of KML, PLN (FSX) or FMS (X-Plane) flight plans with automatic displaying of on-route nearby airports
- 3D Touch quick actions (on compatible devices)
- Support for split screen multitasking (on compatible devices)
- Huge >27000 airport database containing most small, medium and large airports with complete runway information and live weather
- Support for loading PDF files for custom manuals, checklists and other documentation

Privacy: FlightSim Utils does not collect any sensitive user data.

FlightSim Utils uses Fabric for crash reporting & analytics data. The Fabric Privacy Policy is available here.